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Be our partner

ANIIA will continue to invite authorized distributors/resellers to meet the requirements of growing global business. We sincerely look forward to establishing long-term cooperative relationship with you.

How to be ANIIA Distributor/Reseller

If you have the business experiences in wedding dress industry, we sincerely invite you to be our partner and become ANIIA’s authorized distributor/reseller. For a better communication and understanding, you need to prepare the following documents before reaching a long-term partnership with us: company profile, store photographs and photos of surrounding environment etc. After submitting those documents and meeting with ANIIA’s requirements, you will become ANIIA’s authorized distributor/resellers quickly and effectively. By then, you will be able to offer your customers with amazing wedding dresses from ANIIA.

ANIIA’s Advantage

Affordable Price

In addition to ensuring stylish, comfortable and high-quality wedding dresses, ANIIA outperforms its competitor for its reasonable and affordable price. Every procedure from purchasing to production is optimized by ANIIA’s talent team. The talents keep loss and waste to a minimum extent to lower the cost and higher the value for our customers. ANIIA aims to build dream dresses for every bride and make them affordable. ANIIA is proud of being the choice of brides from all around the world for providing brides-to-be more styles of wedding gowns with limited budget.

Easy to Buy

Brides-to-be can browse ANIIA official website to acquire the detail information of ANIIA dress like price, material as well as style in advance. Once customers have selected favorite products from the official website, they can try it on in ANIIA’s authorized physical stores, or make a measurement for customization. The seamless integration of ecommerce and traditional sales channels not only helps customers avoid the trouble of selecting and examining, but also provides much fun as well as makes more confidence during the process of fitting dresses in the store.

Professional Customer Service

ANIIA holds a perfect and professional customer service system. We have a growing network of over 2,000 ANIIA’s authorized dress consultants around the world who are ready to meet with customers at their convenience to help find a perfect dress. What’s more, brides-to-be can communicate with ANIIA via email, phone call and other conventional methods, in addition, they can also have timely communication and interaction with us through live chat on Facebook, Twitter and other social networks. A smart phone or a computer will be able to reach ANIIA and get the complete information of wedding dresses timely.

Quick Delivery

Upon receiving the wedding dress order, we will confirm the lead time with customers and ensure a timely delivery of ANIIA’s high-quality wedding gowns. ANIIA will ensure the bride-to-be putting on her favorite wedding dress on time through quick delivery service, and contribute to a smooth running of the following wedding ceremony.

Sales Management System

ANIIA provides sales management system for worldwide ANIIA-authorized distributors. After inputting product sales and inventory data into the system, ANIIA team will enable global transfer service for partners. It will effectively lower or avoid dead stock. Global transfer service speeds up the operation of ANIIA’s global sales network in a more efficient way, and also guarantees the high quality services for every ANIIA’s authorized distributors.

ANIIA’s Sharing

Marriage is a desired stage in life for everyone. Every bride expects a perfect and romantic wedding. Hence brides have high expectation on wedding dresses. The bride higher the demand, the investment potential of wedding industry will be greater. ANIIA commits to develop different styles of wedding dresses to suit each bride’s temperament. ANIIA is not only a service provider to present a dazzling and beautiful bride, but also a witness of the happiest moment. With the growing of our global business, ANIIA needs more people to be our partners and distributors/resellers. You will get attractive reward from ANIIA and be the witness of each couple’s happiest moment to make our business more meaningful.

Once you become ANIIA’s authorized distributors/resellers, the following advantage will be shared:

Market Positioning

Wedding dress industry is divided into high, medium and low product range. High-end brands stop brides with whopping price while low-end brands fail to meet needs of brides. ANIIA targets the midrange and focuses on customers those who have relatively good educational background and personally aesthetic standards, and provides more reasonable price and more qualified choices. ANIIA dedicates to provide partners with appropriate wedding dresses, with reasonable reseller prices and professional services to meet all customers' requests. ANIIA witnesses the happiest moment in the whole life of a bride. And the market information will be shared every month to help our partners know about the markets and customers clearly.

Price Advantage

ANIIA implements monitoring of various procedures of production from design, purchasing, production, and packaging, to transportation. We have maximized the control of the third party cost arising from storage, logistics and other aspects, so as to ensure ANIIA products are produced with higher quality and lower costs. In this way, ANIIA provides huge price and quality advantage to our partners, which can assist our partners to develop the global wedding dress market actively.

Strict Production Procedure

ANIIA products are produced under strict monitoring and controlled with vertical integrated operation from design, material selection to production. The perfect workflow of monitoring and manufacturing system ensures high-quality wedding dresses made by ANIIA. Every reseller will get the 100% quality guarantee with return service and claim service.

Distributor/Reseller Management

In the early stages of distributor/reseller application, every application will be fully inspected and accepted. This is our responsibility to protect the territory of ANIIA authorized distributors, and to ensure the effective operation in this region. We will verify the location, business scale and employees etc. to avoid overlapping, and maximize the benefits for every authorized distributor. Every valid sales data will be shared with our distributors for market outlook. ANIIA provides every authorized distributor with network management system. The system has goods statistics, management, stockpiling, sales and other services to help the distributors implement or upgrade their marketing strategy and obtain the highest return.

Dedicated Sales Manager Support

ANIIA will assign a dedicated sales manager to authorized distributor for exclusive service. Every requirement from distributors/resellers about product selection, procurement, to sales, will always get support from the sales manager with professional consulting services. The claim is available.

ANIIA Business Model

The ANIIA business model has achieved impressive sales revenue in lots of regions. The physical stores from ANIIA authorized distributors/resellers constitute the off-line system, and the regional ANIIA websites constitute the on-line system. The customers who visit ANIIA official website will be transferred to the nearest distributor/reseller based on the customer's address, and the deal will be completed by the authorized distributor/reseller. Branding and Product Sharing ANIIA will provide distributors/resellers with videos and brochures of brand and products as well as the promotion and demonstration materials related to the products, which can help our distributors/resellers to promote the brand, show the products in their store so that increase the sales revenue and brand awareness.