ANIIA Brand Origins

"ANIIA is a hugely successful company that specializes in creating the perfect wedding dress for every bride."

For over a decade, Anna made her name as a wedding planner in Toulouse, France.Increasingly, she found that her interests were focused on the creation of the wedding dress itself, the beautiful fabrics and intricate designs.She worked closely with brides to define every aspect of the wedding day – from location to the cake, but for Anna, it was always about the dress.

The dress was – and continues to be – her passion. Her understanding, insight and experience with wedding dresses – her innate sense of style – meant that more and more brides sought out Anna to help create the perfect dress for their big day.

So in 1980, Anna became ANIIA, helping hundreds of brides to turn their ideas into dresses -- their dreams into reality

To create her unique brand logo, Anna made the twin "A" in her name uppercase so that it looks like the spires of a church. She then inserted a double "I" which resembles the bride and groom, while the "N" implies a beautiful, flowered arch.

Creative and memorable, the ANIIA logo is designed to encompass the entire, unforgettable wedding experience.

"Finding the ideal dress is a unique experience for each and every bride," says Anna. "No two brides are the same, no two dresses, no two weddings. The bride wants the perfect wedding dress to complement the perfect wedding day. Ultimately, that is what we always strive to achieve."